2018 Ideas for Kitchen Designs

Southern Maryland Pristine Kitchen Design Team

2018 Ideas for Kitchen Designs

The most important area in a home is your Kitchen. It is the heart of every home. We not only need food to sustain our daily activities but food involves many memorable occasions and makes our heart rejoice with mouth-watering, delicious meals with friends and family.

If you want home-made meals made with LOVE, then the key is making sure your kitchen is up to date with the latest. Check out some tips when designing your dream kitchen with us, so that the Chef Ramses of the home will always be delighted to make satifying dishes for everyone.

What’s New:


Your Kitchen is your art gallery. Adding contrast is an art design princple to add life and drama to a space. You can add contrast by colour, using light and dark or using opposite materials, smooth and textured.

  • Dark colored kitchen cabinets with lighter countertops – Black and white is your classic pairing that will never be outdated. You can create this contrast using an Espresso shade or a softer Dark Chocolate for your cabinets. Then slab your prize with a pristine white marble or a white granite countertop.

Or do the opposite, choose a classy or modern white and go for a dark countertop like stone to add a stunning contrast.

  • Match light colored cabinets with dark hardware – If you love your light cabinets or your budget-friendly, change the knobs! Having dark cabinet pulls and knobs will add a detailed contrast to your kitchen and make them pop. You can even just paint your old knobs darker.


  • Your kitchen island – You can make your kitchen island the focal point with a dark color kitchen island surrounded by white or lighter colored kitchen cabinets or the opposite. If your an adventurous person, this adds attention. Having a big island with bar stools and with this contrast will keep your visitors conversing around the island.


  • Dark kitchen cabinets with a lighter backsplash – You can make the dark cabinets stand out when you add a lighter color to your basksplash. Light subway tiles or marble tile are forever classics that will add an exclamation mark to your kitchen. Again, do the opposite if you have light colored cabinets and go with a darker backsplash.
  • Wood – adding texture as a contrast just adds more flavor to your kitchen. You can try, a butcher block island, wooden countertops or wooden cabinets to add some rawness.

When you make the cook happy, everyone is happy!


At times, lighting is the last on the list to think about. However it’s just as important when choosing cabinets. We can help you create a kitchen lighting plan to tailor to your needs of Ambient, Task and Accent lighting.

It is important that the lighting you choose is:

  • Practical
  • Crisp and Clear
  • Welcoming
  • Harmonizes with your current decor

LED lighting (Light-Emitting Diode) is the current mainstream for modern kitchens. But it has many valuable benefits.

  • Uses 90% less energy
  • Longer life to last up to 25,000 hours than halogen of 2,000 hours
  • Green friendly as LED consumes less energy
  • Available in different colors

LED lighting is great for any type of mood you want in your kitchen. When your cooking up a storm you need clear and crisp lighting. After dinner, as you taste test the different whiskeys, LED lighting can add to the mood with strips lights underneath the cabinets.



You don’t have to be paranoid of getting samonella on your faucet! Your hands are full on raw chicken slime and you want to wash your hands, all you have to do now is voice command your smart faucet to turn on!

What your smart faucet can do for you:

  • Turn on and off on command
  • Dispense the right amount of water needed for a recipe to avoid waste
  • When connected to an APP, it can monitor and track your water consumption
  • Alerts you of unusual water activity
  • Never have to touch the faucet

However, we haven’t gone so advanced in tecnology like in Star Wars, where you can voice command any type of dish you wanted. Oh, when will that day be? But with some new automated kitchen and home systems, these are some things you CAN DO!

Wirelessly Connect to:

  • Communicate with your lights, thermostats, music, fans, shades, smart door locks and security cameras.
  • Connect with the oven, coffee maker, refrigerator and small appliances.
  • Take an inside sneak peak of what you have in the refrigerator while doing grocery shopping.



Avoid investing in cleaning supplies by letting us help you design your kitchen the smart way for quick kitchen clean ups.

Here are some things to consider:

Keep the Triangle Tight – Making sure your sink, cooktop and refrigerator are close by to eachother will make life easier. You will have less distance to carry things, which means less spills. If that is not possible, your island can help you compensate for the big triangle.

Floors – The less gaps on your floor equals less dirt to scrub. The most dirtiest place is the seam between the floor and the vertical toe kick. To avoid that, you can roll the edge of the floor up to the toe kick to replace the right angle joint into a smooth curve. You can do this with vinyl, tile and linoleum. For wood, you would have to get it customed-milled. If you choose ceraminc tile, it is better to use large pieces with small grout lines.

Sink and Countertop – Sinks that are undermount are the easiest as all the mess just goes to the sink. However, the self-rimming sinks collect dirt. What’s the latest is having an integral sink, where the bowl and the counter are one piece of the same material.

Cabinets – Choosing elaborate molding around your cabinetry equals more cleaning time. Having flat doors with an easy finish on it, will make for an easy swipe to clean. Also, using handles that are easy to open with less fingers lessens the mess and adding inserts inside your cabinets are a given for easy clean ups.

Now there you have it! Some of our tips that can lead you to a sucessful happy kitchen.

The Southern Maryland Pristine Kitchen Design can make your kitchen come to life, creating many unforgettable good times with family and friends.